Learn a Famous Qigong Exercise That's Wonderful for the Neck, Back, and Shoulders

Swing Head Wag Tail

Original Name: Swing the Head and Tail to Eliminate Xin Huo
Chinese: 揺頭擺尾去心火 


This exercise is #5 from the famous 8 Pieces of Brocade qigong set (Ba Duan Jin 八段錦).

There are many different versions of this exercise, but this is my favorite because it feels so good, especially in the neck and shoulders!

If you're like me and you sit too long at the computer, then this exercise makes a great break!

Make sure it feels good! There should be no sharp pain while doing this. If you feel pain, then talk to your doctor, or skip this exercise and try a different one. (You can also ask me a question below.)

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Sifu Anthony
Director, Flowing Zen



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