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Anthony Korahais is a master qigong teacher and a healing success story. He has been practicing qigong since 1996 and teaching full time since 2005. His website,, hosts one of the most popular qigong blogs on the internet. Anthony has thousands of students worldwide and has certified over 40 qigong instructors.

Fed up with his low back pain, depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue, Anthony began searching for a long-term solution. In his twenties, he discovered a book about an ancient Chinese self-healing art called qigong (pronounced “chee gung”). Convinced that this art was exactly what he needed in order to heal, he traveled the world in search of teachers, eventually completing a 17-year discipleship under a Chinese grandmaster.

After nearly a decade in business, Anthony closed his brick-and-mortar qigong studio in order to focus on sharing this art with the entire world. Today, his online programs have over 10,000 students from 48 countries.

Originally from New York City and a graduate of Columbia University, he now lives in Florida with his miniature schnauzer, Sgt. Pepper


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"I'm not a student of Anthony Korahais, though after reading his book, I may well sign up for his yearlong course in the future. I've practiced qigong and tai chi for many years, studied with a number of teachers (many well-known), read numerous books on the topics, and frankly I was not expecting all that much new or fascinating from this entry in the field. I was wrong! Sifu Korahais explains many concepts in clear, contemporary ways, cutting through a good deal of mysticism and arcane terms, and I learned a lot. His section on fascia and qi meridians blew my mind! If you have any interest in qigong, do yourself a favor and pick up this book. "

Richard P.

"I am in my 70s and have studied a number of forms of taiji and qi gong since my 40s. Browsing book titles in an attempt to perk up my practice, I came across Sifu Anthony's book and website a few days ago. What a find! All the stuff I felt intuitively about qigong, but was never taught, is presented in a lucid, thorough and compassionate way. I am so grateful and look forward to more online teachings. "

H. Barrett

"This book is a keeper! It is an easy read, well written, informative, encouraging! Sifu Anthony lays it all out for anyone that wants/needs a better way to feel and heal! I am so grateful to have found his online classes and now to read his book. He inspires me to succeed even after I have fallen...... "

Laura O.

"The book Flowing Zen is a true masterpiece of knowledge from the heart. Anthony Korahais gives you a roadmap of his true experiences in finding healing with Qigong. The book Flowing Zen should be read by everyone who wants to experience happiness and good health. "

Joyce R.

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