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The Art of Self-Healing Workshop

with Sifu Anthony Korahais

The Art of Self-Healing

Your body has a greater capacity for self-healing than you realize. This workshop is all about getting real-world results with an ancient Chinese self-healing art called qigong. I'm Anthony Korahais, and I used qigong to heal from depression, low back pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Since 2005, I've helped over 10,000 students to get amazing self-healing benefits from the beautiful art of qigong.

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Discover the secret to self-healing that everyone misses, learn what qigong really is, and find out why I believe this amazing art will eventually be bigger than yoga!

Learn an Amazing (and easy) Self-Healing Exercise

I'll teach you one of the best qigong exercises I know. It's easy to learn, and it feels great! And if you have questions, you can post them in  the comments section!

Download a Free Guided Meditation

I want to you to experience the meditative aspects of qigong, so I'll give you a chance to download a free guided meditation. Play the MP3 file on your computer or smartphone and practice the routine on your own!


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